3 de Septiembre 2008

Mini torta

Torta mini jud camejo red.jpg

Escrito por AmigaLun@ a las 3 de Septiembre 2008 a las 10:35 PM

Bueno, realmente sed aaatcn a los titanes, el manga empieza con la premisa de que tienen que tomar alguna iniciativa contra ellos porque las murallas ya no son sinf3nimo de proteccif3n absoluta.A med me encanta la portada *_*

Escrito por Asmaa a las 4 de Julio 2014 a las 12:40 AM

Are you f-ing serious? Your all NY now Melissa. The fire has been lit.Of cosrue their is a lot to work on. Their is a lot to work on everywhere. I am about $10,000 away from paying off my student loan debt after 15 years. I could have done it way sooner, but I drank too much wine and coffee. I also chose to live in Boston and pay about 3 times as much as most of the people in the country. I chose to work non-profit and help, which is rewarding, but obviously doesn't produce a hell of a lot of profit. I guess my point is, that my life, although impacted by America, has been my own doing. I made my bed.I think it's great what your doing. Do what's best for you. But I actually think that's what those old white guys wanted all along. The ability for all of us to have a choice. It's been a long time coming in this man's world, and still has a long way to go, but as you noted, we are moving forward. Great Post! Keep fighting!

Escrito por Pauline a las 22 de Febrero 2015 a las 08:21 PM

I love how you style your hijab in many ways. Let's contribute to the hijbai fashion industry so that many moslem women out door who do not wear hijbai will have more choices to choose from. I remember when i was young there were none or very few hijab fashionista. I hope you will do well in KL.

Escrito por Guntur a las 1 de Abril 2015 a las 12:47 AM
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